Our Mission Statement and Commitment to You

To consistently deliver freshly cut artistic and exotic floral arrangements made from top quality blooms, maintaining a less than 1% reship rate.

With 15+ years of shipping flowers by mail behind us and 98% of our customers highly recommending our services, we're happy to report that we're achieving our goals.

Here's how we do it:

Flower fulfillment team

60 Years Collective Experience in the Floral Industry Ensures Quality, Variety, and Freshness

With over 60 years collective experience in all aspects of the floral industry, our designers know where to find the best quality blooms, when to buy them, and which flowers travel best.

Top Quality Blooms

We Buy Only Top Quality Blooms

Flowers are graded by a number of factors including the actual size of the bloom, its luminosity, color vibrancy, stem strength and sturdiness, bloom count per stem, and how much the bloom has opened, indicating when it was cut.  We purchase “select”, “super select” and “fancy select” blooms, all individual premium grower ratings well above industry standard from top rated farms.

Top Growing Regions

Our Buyers Travel to Top Flower-Growing Regions

We've traveled extensively to top flower growing regions in Colombia, Equator, Costa Rica and Holland visiting and touring farms and meeting their owners.  Most importantly, we're inspecting post flower harvesting facilities, ensuring that proper refrigeration and hydration systems are in place, and verifying that strict grading systems are maintained.

Sunflower Grower

We Build Strong Relationships with Growers and Importers

Absolutely critical to consistently delivering quality floral products are the relationships we've developed over the years.  They ensure that quality will not suffer when Mother Nature doesn't cooperate and other buyers have to settle for inferior blooms. 

Tulips Growing in Holland

We Buy Flowers Where They Grow Best

All flower types thrive in different climates and knowing where to buy each type is critical to maintaining our high quality standards.  We buy orchids from New Zealand and Thailand, Lilies from Ecuador and Holland, and proteas from California's high deserts.

Unique arrangements, freshly cut to create an unforgettable impact

The Fresh Cut Flower of the
Month Club

Quality Control is Our Top Priority

Flowers Growing in Field

We only work with reliable, highly respected select growers, all of which have longstanding relationships with us. They all maintain strict grading room quality standards as well as proper hydration and refrigeration systems after harvest, all the way to the airport. From there, we use only refrigerated chartered flights containing only flowers, allowing no chance of delay. Lastly, our flowers go through a pre-cooling phase both before they get on, and after they are taken off the plane which addresses any risk of condensation damage.

Find Out Why Our Customers Recommend Us

Top Quality, Freshly Cut Blooms and A+ Rated Customer Service

Since our inception, we've differentiated The Fresh Cut Flower of the Month Club™ in many ways, striving simply to offer the best service in the market. We're confident that you'll agree we've met that goal.

60 Years in the Floral Industry Ensures Top Quality Blooms

With over sixty years under their belts, our buyers know where to find the best quality blooms and when to buy them.  We purchase only top quality blooms graded by size, luminosity, color vibrancy, stem strength, and bloom count per stem. 

Freshness is Our Top Priority

Our buyers have traveled to top flower growing regions in Columbia, Equator, and Holland among others inspecting farms, ensuring that proper refrigeration and hydration systems are in place and verifying that strict grading systems are maintained.  We receive our blooms just one day after they're cut and ship them the next day via Overnight service so you’ll get them days after they've been cut.

You’ll Experience Unmatched Variety

Whether it’s Red Sonja Orchids from Thailand, exotic Pink Latifolia Proteas, or Le Reve Oriental Lilies, you’ll receive a wide variety of unique bouquets from month to month. Many of our featured bouquets focus on seasonal themes. Our December arrangement consists of New Zealand Sarah Bernhardt Peonies, Lavender Alstroemeria, Red Seeded Eucalyptus, and a variety of seasonal greens like Noble Pine and Douglas Fir.

Knowledgeable, Friendly, Responsive Customer Service From a Trusted Company

We’re often boast about our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. We’ve worked hard to maintain it over the years by a strong dedication to providing knowledgeable, friendly and effective customer service.

Our Design Your Own Club™ Program Allows You to Create a Custom Membership

Create a highly customized experience by combining our Flower Club with any of our six monthly clubs into one membership.  Combine Flowers with Chocolate, Wine, Cheese, Beer or even Cigars. Send whatever you want to send, whenever you want to send it.  

Appreciate Your Bouquets Even More Through Our Monthly Newsletter

In Pursuit of Flowers, our monthly newsletter, details each featured flower’s history, where it originated and how it was grown.  You’ll also get flower arranging tips and suggestions on how to maximize the vase life of your bouquet.

Flexible Ordering Helps You Manage to Your Budget

Both personal and gift memberships are available from 2 to 12 months, or even on an open, month to month basis. Choose to give or receive flowers monthly, every other month, quarterly, or even on specific months that you determine. Pay in one installment or monthly as you go.

Freshly Cut Beautiful Blooms, Just Days After Being Cut

Freshly Cut Flowers

With streamlined post harvest systems in place with reliable growers, we are able to take delivery on our flowers just one day after they're cut, much sooner than your local floral shop does, which can be closer to 10-12 days at best. They're packed that day and then shipped Next Day Express service in a box designed especially for shipping floral arrangements. Each stem is cut just before blooming so they'll travel much better and arrive in time to unfold before your eyes.